Autolux – Pussy’s Dead

Friday 20th, May 2016 / 18:55
By Leyland Bradley

autolux30th Century Records

Released off Danger Mouse’s recently established label, 30th Century Records, Autolux has officially traded in the shoegaze they were once known for and instead gets busy with interstellar rock layered with tic-toc tech beats. A major shift from their 2004 debut album, Future Perfect, Pussy’s Dead leaves little room for familiarity. If anything remains, lead singer Eugene Goreshter still maintains a spiderweb-quality of voice only Elliot Smith can master. The first track, titled “Selectallcopy,” is arguably the most amount of pop this album can muster, with its steady repetitive rhythm. True to Autolux fashion, the lyrics are slightly spooky, and sound like they’re coming from another room. Their second track, “Soft Scene,” is crunchy, danceable, and almost soundtrack-like. It’s clear at this point that Autolux are confident in this direction as the rest of the album swings in and out with experimental sounds, an aesthetic no doubt brought on by producer BOOTS; a now well-known artist and producer who worked with Beyoncé for her self-titled album Beyoncé in 2013. Listeners may feel they’re beginning to hear the same song over and over, or that some of them are just about to overstay their welcome, but with a bit of commitment, there are still a few surprises remaining. Final track “Becker” captures a missing piece not yet heard on this album; it’s both satisfying and sweet, opening with the sound of an acoustic guitar before tucking into a sleepy run to the finish line. For those who remember Autolux as the dreamy and soft band from a more than a decade ago, it’s reassuring to know that the album is still soft. For fans, this could be a sign of things to come for the three-piece from Los Angeles, and for 30th Century Records as well.