Bleached – Welcome The Worms

Friday 20th, May 2016 / 18:46
By Andrea Hrynyk

bleachedDead Oceans

Even though the record was released on April 1st, this Californian trio’s new record is no joke. The band’s second record features an early 2000s alternative rock and garage band sound that is pretty rare in rock music these days. This writer would call their sound, if The Hives had a strong female vocal.

Since their 2013 release, Ride Your Heart, the vocals have gotten stronger and the beat more stable and consistent, sounding like they have put thousands of hours into improving their sound.

“Keep On Keepin’ On,” is a solid start to the record, with its consistent toe-tapping beat and simple sing along lyrics that would get the listener pumped for a night out in a heartbeat.

The fourth track, “Wednesday Night Melody” takes a turn, beat wise, slowing everything down slightly, but still keeping the consistency of the rest of the record.

The fifth track, “Wasted on You”, features a semi-fast beat including lyrics that bluntly talk about wasting time on a person they were once interested in, saying in the chorus, “I can’t keep wasting my emotions on you, getting high on the drug that I call you.”

The entire 10-track record is a consistent collection of head-banging fast paced songs featuring fearlessly real lyrics clearly influenced by the fast pace life of an easy going Californian twenty-something.