Julianna Barwick – Will

Friday 20th, May 2016 / 18:50
By Hannah Many Guns

Julianna Barwick WillDead Oceans

You can feel yourself wading through ominous oceans of sound as soon as Will inhabits the intimate realms of your consciousness. The nine-track adagio swells with languid waves of looping vocals alongside drifts of electric currents. They lap over each other, yet they do not overcome one another. Julianna Barwick is minimal in her instrumentation, creating a purposely simplistic tone. A tone that makes you feel as if you are a slow-moving wave in a body of water, eventually evaporating, condensing, becoming a cloud, until finally dripping down as rain beating on the earth below. Pit pat, pitter pat. Creating a consistent and unique melody, one that is natural, the kind that you hope could last forever. Like Barwick’s hands pitter-pattering across piano keys or her bow slip-sliding across cello strings. She embraces rhythms that mirror natural acoustics. The earth, an ocean, the atmosphere, its rain. The sounds she creates are as natural as her own introspection, exploring her mind’s depths, refraining upon her own emotions. And as she reflects, you reflect. And as her emotions process, they naturally lead to the soundscapes that culminate in the ethereal world that is Will.