Tim Hecker – Love Streams

Friday 20th, May 2016 / 18:42
By Dan Potter

Tim Hecker

Paper Bag Records

Space is definitely the place throughout this otherworldly release by a seasoned sonic manipulator who is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of electronic experimentation. Flute sounds are meticulously sampled and placed in robotic orchestration on “Obsidian Counterpoint” making it come across like a soundtrack for imploding stars. What sounds like a xylophone is also heavily processed with blasts of echoed reverb leaving it almost unrecognizable.

The vast array of tones is quite overpowering as tracks incorporate anything from humans chanting to stuttering oboe loops. Like much of Hecker’s work the samples are never too smooth. Sounds glitch from one another leaping in expressions of surprise. Each track is like a stream of sounds bleeding into one another over the course of the album. Where this river of sound is headed is up for you to decide because the extreme abstraction suggests this album is really all about the journey.