Netflix and Kill: June 2016

Wednesday 01st, June 2016 / 12:03
By Gareth Watkins

CALGARY — Orange Is The New Black (Netflix) is back. A year ago that would be happy news, like a clear STD panel or the launch of a new candy bar, but after the steep decline in quality during season three it’s like the launch of a candy bar that gives me a bunch more STDs. The trailer confirmed that it would be set in a women’s prison and that was about it. Could be they’ve got something really cool planned, could be more Crazy Eyes’ erotic novel. I mean, I’ll still binge watch it, I’m just not going to like it.

Casual (Hulu) got universal praise and a Golden Globe nod during its first season. Going by what I’ve seen so far it’s that kind of comedy drama that isn’t funny enough to be a comedy, where the stakes aren’t high enough for drama. Normally I’d advise you pass on this one, but there’s no critical smoke without at least a little fire, so give it a go.

I don’t know if Dreamworks decided that the lips of the characters in Voltron: Legendary Defender (Netflix) would move like they were trying to get away from the words coming out of them to make it look more like badly dubbed anime airing on Cartoon Network at you-have-a-serious-problem o’clock in the early two thousands, but it’s kind of doing it for me. Plus, five mini lion-robots come together to form one super-bot, so there’s that.

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