Peaches Throws A Party: Sled Island 2016 guest curator’s picks bring the best from Berlin, America and elsewhere

Friday 03rd, June 2016 / 12:34
By Christine Leonard
Guest curator Peaches takes us inside the international array of programming she’s lined up at Sled Island. Illustration: Tom Bagley

Guest curator Peaches takes us inside the international array of programming she’s lined up at Sled Island.
Illustration: Tom Bagley

CALGARY — “I’m just excited that it wasn’t restricted to just bands in a certain area,” Peaches says with enthusiasm in describing her role as curator of this year’s Sled Island Festival. “Having these super-interesting Berlin bands, someone like Born in Flamez, that don’t get to play outside Europe (especially in Canada), in a different context is going to be exciting for everybody.”

Planningtorock — “I’ve been a supporter of Planningtorock (Jam Rostron) since her first tour. I took her on tour with me in 2006. She’s from Northern England and has been living in Berlin for five years. She’s also really, really specialized in their style and influential in her scene. Planningtorock and I wrote and produced the video for ‘Free Drink Ticket’ together, and she also remixed my song ‘Vaginoplasty.’”

Born in Flamez — “They’re very dark, slow and possess a more experimental sound that is very happening right now. Atmospheric, but also still danceable. From that new school of that, with a big video element… I’ve seen her do a lot of diverse projects that are cool sonically and that’ll be very different too.”

TT The Artist — “I know that TT [Tedra] and I have wanted to play together for a long time. I always DJ TT’s albums, so it’s nice to have her along. I just love the music. It’s like booty Baltimore beats and brings in more of like an American vibe to the whole thing.”

Maluca — “And then we have Maluca, who has these Caribbean roots. Maluca has worked a lot with Diplo, but is also a great energetic live entertainer. I saw her playing a small club in Los Angeles like four years ago.”

Cakes da Killa – “Cakes is from New York and is always a lot of fun. Cakes and I have also done shows before. In fact, we just recently played in France together. She’s just super high-energy and really an excellent performer. And, she’s such an insane fast rapper!”

Hyenaz — “Hyenaz and I have a good relationship already. I actually had them [the duo of Mad Kate from Bonaparte and Tusk] on tour with me for a bit. It’s very conceptual, very ritualistic performance and a lot of movement. Mad Kate, she’s a great artist figure in Berlin doing a lot of performance art and post-porn work and a lot of academic work. (It’s not like regular porn it’s like neo-porn. Like on your own terms; not your typical porn.) So, they don’t get much chance to get out of Europe. That’s going to be a really interesting show. I predict Hyenaz is going to blow people’s minds.”

Junglepussy — Junglepussy is more like rapping, but it’s more New York. Like old-school style with that amazing quick wit. Junglepussy and I have never met, so I’m really glad she’s coming along. I always want good strong performers, but I also wanted a mix of all musical cross-sections. I think there’s a good mix here, so I’m happy about that.

Lafawndah — “Likewise, I have yet to see Lafawndah [Yasmin Dubois] perform live. When it comes to Lafawdah, she has this Middle Eastern kinda vibe in her singing and it’s also a little experimental. But still keep in mind that everything that I’ve picked that’s experimental is also danceable. It is actually quite a nice mix, now that I look at it!”

Vice Cooler — “Such an incredible performer, but he hasn’t really performed in a really long time so it’s gonna be all new music. And, it’s kinda me pushing him to play again, which is sort of selfish, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to seeing all of these come alive!”

Desire Will Set You Free (Sled Island Film) — “…will give people a total view on a queer, open world in Berlin. It’s a really good film about people living their lives… My contribution to the movie is that I do a song by a kabarett artist from the 1920s called Claire Waldoff. She was very interested in gender-fucking back then, but she was less popular than Marlene Dietrich. What’s interesting to me is that she talked about a lot of stuff during that time that’s been reintroduced now in Berlin; in the past 10 years there’s definitely been that freedom again.”

Check the Sled Island program guide inside BeatRoute’s June 2016 print edition to find out when all the Peaches Picks are playing. Also read our cover interview with the artist.

BeatRoute Magazine June 2016 Alberta print edition cover. Cover Illustration: Tom Bagley

BeatRoute Magazine June 2016 Alberta print edition cover.
Cover Illustration: Tom Bagley

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