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Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

by Yasmine Shemesh In Hebrew, chutzpah means “brazen audacity.” As such, it’s fitting that the term would be the namesake…

Wild Wild West: Western Canadian highlights at this year’s Sled Island

Wednesday 08th, June 2016 / 13:54
By Team BeatRoute
Vancouver's Shearing Pinx plays Sled Island June 22 at the Bamboo and June 23 at the Palomino.

Vancouver’s Shearing Pinx plays Sled Island June 22 at the Bamboo and June 23 at the Palomino.

CALGARY — BeatRoute prints both an Alberta and British Columbia issue. While our AB home might be Calgary, we do our best to inform readers about bands from all over Western Canada. Below is a snapshot of some of the best from the region. For bands from Alberta’s capital, see the print edition’s Edmonton Extra section.

We’re stoked to be presenting a B.C. showcase during Sled for the annual Cotton Candy Party. We’ve booked Dumb, who make crunchy garage-rock, KIM GRAY, who has a debut album of smoky vintage pop coming soon, Painted Fruit, who jangle like pros, and Smoke Eaters, who make deadpan pop music to freak out to.


Jons: Wistful pop music for a more relaxed moment during the festival.

Fountain: An absolutely blistering band that plays fast and jagged post-punk.

The Backhomes: History will remember them as psych legends. Big, pulsing trips through space.

okpk: Experimental electronic musician who will be playing a dark live PA set.


Anion: Sludgy, noisy hardcore to bruise your eardrums.

Astrakhan: More sludge! Their new album Reward in Purpose comes out right before Sled.

Davachi/Smith: Sarah Davachi and Richard Smith are literal experts in synthesizers and drone music. Davachi is a returning fave of the fest.

Dada Plan: This is the music of crackling videotape, which oozes with early digital age nostalgia, but is still warm to the touch.

Latex Honey Glove: Electro-pop duo exploring BDSM and power dynamics live on stage.

Mint Records 25th Anniversary: Shout-out to everyone at Mint for 25 years of indie releases! They’ve having a party at Sled to celebrate.

Shearing Pinx: Unparalleled experimentalists with dozens of releases and a punishing live show. Their Sled shows are stops on a tour with French no wavers Zad Kokar.

shitlord fuckerman: Pure 8-bit insanity filled with humour and adrenaline.


Advertisement: Battering punk band with guttural vocals.

An Ant and an Atom: Ambient music that shifts from gentle to noisy with ease.

Participation: Post-punk rife with interlocked guitars and chanted vocals.


The Avulsions: Downcast post-punk with vocal harmonies cutting through the gloom.

The Radiation Flowers: An upbeat, shoegazey band that keep melody front and centre.

respectfulchild: Meticulously crafted violin looping to daydream to.

Shooting Guns: Road warriors working the sweet spot of doom.


Conduct: Snarly post-punk on the industrial fringe, Conduct is hands-down one of the most exciting live bands out of Winnipeg right now.

Wilt: One of the few black metal bands performing, Wilt is a great chance to release some aggression.

tunic: A savage combination of emotive, hollered vocals and twisting furious instrumentation.

The Zorgs: Adorable pogo-punk weirdoes that have no-fucks to give, and you’ll love them for it.

This year’s Sled Island Music & Arts Festival happens throughout Calgary June 22-26. Check out the festival program guide in print and online for all Western Canadian artists’ show times.

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