Metal champs The Mountain Man come out of the woodwork

Monday 13th, June 2016 / 17:18
By Britt Hanly


VANCOUVER — “I was in The Mountain Man before The Mountain Man,” says guitarist Tyson Tambellini when probed about musical endeavors preceding the band that, seemingly out of nowhere, tore onto the Vancouver metal scene. “It was just me, Jordan [Orr] and Ryan [McCreedy]. That was pre-Mountain Man.” Then with the addition of Tevyn Pacey (bass), and later Parker Lane (vocals), The Mountain Man arrived at their current lineup. The very same one that kicked ass and took names at the BC edition of the Wacken Metal Battle, a battle of the bands in which they secured a chance to compete at a national level on June 11 in Toronto; the grand prize being a slot at Germany’s world renowned Wacken Open Air, one of the biggest metal festivals in the world.

The Mountain Man has done an exceptional job creating and maintaining their aesthetic, embracing their Vancouver surroundings and portraying themselves as the good outdoorsy BC boys that they are.

Their sound can be described as groove metal, drawing inspiration from The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Crowbar, and Gojira, to name a few. They credit their unique sound to varying individual music tastes. “We write cool music that doesn’t put us in some sort of niche category,” says Tambellini. “We pull from doom, death metal, a smattering of black metal, everything. There’s something for everybody.”

Keeping in line with the Pacific Northwest motif, The Bloodlust EP has distinct grunge undertones.

The Mountain Man cut their teeth in the metal scene, playing shows in their hometown of Maple Ridge and in the Fraser Valley. While they enjoy playing gigs out in the suburbs, they admit there’s a lack of opportunity and viable venues which can make it difficult to expand a following. Lane explained that they decided to do the Wacken Metal Battle simply for the opportunity to play for an audience at the Red Room.

This summer is going to be a busy one for The Mountain Man. As BeatRoute spoke with the band, Lane was booking flights to Toronto for the final. When asked what excites them most about their trip, other than competing with the four other finalists from across the country, they seemed most amped on Canada’s Wonderland. Fitting that rollercoasters would be on their mind, considering the velocity at which the band has come into their own in a timeframe of just over a year. But they’re just taking it day-by-day. The plan is to get through the summer and then see what opportunities arise. After that, Orr jokes that they’ll do some performance reviews and re-evaluate. “If we have to knock a couple people off the roster we do, make some trades, whatever.”

Whatever is in store for The Mountain Man, it’s certain to be one hell of a ride.

The Mountain Man release The Bloodlust EP at the Astoria on June 18 and perform at Armstrong Metal Festival July 15 to 16.

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