A goofy shoot with the seriously talented artists at Y2KREATIVE

Tuesday 28th, June 2016 / 12:11
By Colin Gallant
Clockwise: Geneva Haley, Sean Edwards, James Barry, Gillian McKercher, Guillaume Carlier. Photo: Keeghan Rouleau

Clockwise: Geneva Haley, Sean Edwards, James Barry, Gillian McKercher, Guillaume Carlier.
Photo: Keeghan Rouleau

CALGARY — Y2KREATIVE is a new #YYC hubspot for artisanal Millennials to handcraft lifestyle works that will one day be handed out in dystopian $200 Happy Meals served in Michelin Starred food trucks. That was a running joke theme when BeatRoute met up with a group of artists in their new studio space, at least.

The not-quite-named space houses mostly filmmakers, plus one illustrator/designed and writer/filmmaker/DJ/bar owner. The following is the first in a series of artist profiles in and around the world of film.

James Barry and Sean Edwards: The duo behind Ramble Films. Ramble has produced original shorts as well as worked with Sled Island, Bruce Mucollch’s Young Drunk Punk, Paper Bag Records, local musicians, plus a lot more. They have recently wrapped a documentary on Craig Fahner’s Feel Alright project. The two like to buy more gear than is defensible. See for yourself at rambleritual.com.

Guillaume Carlier: An independent filmmaker with a knack for capturing live music, Carlier has been screening his film Moses at select occasions over the last year. He participated in the aforementioned Feel Alright documentary, and was on hand at Garbage Daze IV. He knows more about wine than anyone I’ve met, and has a pronounced appreciation for Celine Dion. View some of his work on Vimeo.

Geneva Haley: An illustrator and designer who works in the themes of environments, music, agriculture, narrative, editorial and sequential images. She’s done work for Sled Island, Marlaena Moore, authors and more. She feels photos with house plants are “too Internet,” and makes use of the ancient proverb that “Janice in accounting don’t give a fuck.” Check genevahaley.com for more info.

Gillian McKercher: A member of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers who is a returning Herland participant and recently completed a new script. McKercher has been commissioned for the $100 Film Festival’s Film/Music Explosion! program, where new works are created for songs by bands from Calgary. McKercher also produced videos for the Calgary Collection. She believes in teambuilding exercises and meetings about meetings. You can find her on Vimeo.

Ted Stenson: A writer working in several mediums (plays, film, poetry, fiction, etc), “sometimes filmmaker” and an owner of Good Luck Bar, Stenson also goes by the DJ name Teddy Celebration. He’s been published, been a member of juries and committees, and has recently become a father. Stenson enjoys screaming at the television when basketball is on. Find him at tedstenson.com.

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