Consilience’s Tasy Hudson unleashes new album ‘Under Our Beds’

Thursday 30th, June 2016 / 16:38
By Levi Manchak
Under Our Beds, out July 8, is an album two years in the making. Photo: Levi Manchak

Under Our Beds, out July 8, is an album close to two years in the making.
Photo: Levi Manchak

EDMONTON — Telling someone that you have a secret isn’t the same thing as telling someone what the secret is. But once you tell someone that you have a secret, it’s impossible not to want to hear it. And once revealed, it’s part of the permanent record for good or ill. There’s a lot riding on it. Releasing an album is a lot like spilling a secret; there’s a lot of tension and excitement right before anyone hears it.

Under the moniker Consilience, Edmonton-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tasy Hudson is feeling that kind of excitement as she gets ready to lift the covers off her upcoming album entitled Under Our Beds.

BeatRoute sat down with Tasy to discuss making and releasing her first full-length album.

BeatRoute: Can you tell us about the name of your project Consilience?

Tasy Hudson: My dad suggested it as a band name. So I had to read about what it meant. It has to do with the unity of knowledge, or like combining disciplines to narrow it down to one truth. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to fit.

BR: What about the theme for Under Our Beds?

TH: It comes from a line in one of the songs, “Secrets.” Under all our beds, there’s secrets. The general theme is: those thoughts that you have that no one else will ever know that you have.

BR: Who was involved in making the album with you?

TH: I did a lot myself. I wrote, sang and played most of the parts on the album but Jesse Northey (of Jesse and the Dandelions) recorded and played on it. Aaron Parker and Sophie Heppell also played some parts on the album.

BR: How would you describe this album?

TH: It’s largely a chill album that flows.

BR: What made you want to start making music? Would you say it’s a secret?

TH: [Rolls eyes] I could answer every question like that.

BR: This is your first release, so how long have you been working on it?

TH: It’s been about two years in the making, but some of the songs are fairly old.

“Ride Out” is the oldest song I’ve written. I was still in university and I was feeling super stuck and just wanted to move on. That was about five years ago. The rest of the album has come together in the last two years.

BR: Since Under Our Beds has been in the works for a long time, has your taste changed drastically since starting work on the album?

TH: I think it’s just gone towards guitar-based music. This album is pretty piano heavy. Going towards guitar comes mostly from playing live. I’ve been tailoring my music to live venues more than I realized just ‘cause I like to rock out. But now I’m even going back to the piano again though, since I’ve been listening this album.

BR: You play a lot of different instruments. Would you say you’re fluid in terms of instrumentation choices?

TH: 100 per cent, yeah.

BR: Two years later, do you still feel close to the material that you cover on the album?

TH: For the most part, yeah. A lot of the songs are vague enough that I can draw new meaning from them.

BR: Why did you decide to release the album now?

TH: I just wanted to start doing it for real. I didn’t imagine that I’d promote the album originally, but then I got really invested. I thought that the songs weren’t garbage and it would be stupid to not do anything with them, and after two years, I didn’t want to wait too much longer.

BR: Do you make your music as a release for an emotion or thought?

TH: I can name songs that I’ve written where I wanted to “just get it out” and other times I start writing the song and don’t stop to dissect it until it’s done.

BR: Are the secrets that you allude to on Under Our Beds still secrets?

TH: Ummm… probably not. Also, it’d be fair to say that any anxiety related to keeping those secrets has vaporized.

Under our Beds is out July 8th, and to celebrate the release Consilience will be performing that evening at 9910 in Edmonton. At the show, Consilience will be joined by an all-star lineup including locals Marlaena Moore and Jessica Jalbert, as well as R. Ariel from Phoenix, AZ. Consilience also plays Saskatoon on July 15th (Vangelis Tavern), Vancouver July 22 (Cafe Deux Soleils), Victoria on July 23 (Copper Owl), and Calgary on July 28th (Broken City).

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