Hollerado is a rock band that’s worth getting excited about

Thursday 30th, June 2016 / 17:22
By Victoria Banner

HolleradoVANCOUVER — “I prefer to talk about the future than the past,” starts Menno Versteeg, lead singer of Hollerado in a phone interview with BeatRoute. The band’s past is enough to make this quite a tantalizing statement. Hollerado is a four piece indie power-pop rock band hailing from Ottawa, currently residing in Toronto (Versteeg took some time to gush about his scene in The Six “I absolutely love Toronto, everyone knows everyone and all the musicians hang out, it’s great… No, it’s the best!”). Hollerado has gained notoriety through an instantly recognizable sound that has been thrust into the spotlight via some creative off stage shenanigans such as viral music videos, grassroots production, and the highly ambitious 111 song project where they wrote 111 songs for the first fans who pre-ordered their White Paint album. Still, Versteeg wanted to talk about the future. The number one future thing that needed to be discussed for the purpose of this article was the upcoming Red Truck concert series where Hollerado will be playing with Highkicks. Versteeg exclaims, “Oh Highkicks is The Dudes? I love them, we’ve had fun in Calgary, too much fun… Well now I’m really excited for that show.” A West Coast tour this summer and a few festivals dot the summer for Hollerado as they wait to finish up their new record.

This will be their third studio record. “It’s hard to tour while waiting for the record but once that’s out we’re really gonna kick it up to full gear.” With no release date for the record at the time of the interview, Versteeg mentions the new record at the end of every question, until finally prompted he opens up like a floodgate of enthusiasm. “I feel like we’re 17 again playing in a band, were so excited! We’ll be playing this song and it just makes us so happy!”

It’s been three years since their last album. Versteeg claims that everyone in the band has been through a lot in the last few years (a quick Google search reveals that Versteeg’s apartment burnt down at one point). He promises the songs “contain a lot of passion, the lyrics are very heart on your sleeve and the songs are very cathartic to sing.” He also hints towards more fun extras surrounding their album along the lines of Record in a Bag (it was a record in a Ziploc bag) or White Paint (where they hand painted all their album covers with white paint). Versteeg, like any artist, plays that “attention grabbing” part very cool.

“I don’t think we’re trying to be funny or anything, mostly we just do what we want.” He goes on to explain that they don’t do any ostrich riding music video stunts until after the music is complete. As the interview questions draw to a close Versteeg takes one more dive into making sure everyone understands the album is a “fun, good time, high energy rock and roll album.” His words speed up to a mile a minute, and when grilled on his enthusiasm, Versteeg cools off and delivers some real talk “If you can’t be excited about playing in a rock band, what can you be excited about?”

Hollerado performs at Red Truck Brewery on July 9.

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