Rock trio Fury Things blends influences to form distinct sound

Thursday 30th, June 2016 / 17:51
By Ana Mihajlovic
Fury Things rekindle their special bond with Calgary this month. Photo: Darin Kamnetz

Fury Things rekindle their special bond with Calgary this month.
Photo: Darin Kamnetz

CALGARY — Fury Things is an alternative three-piece from Minneapolis playing energetic ‘90s rock reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr., Bob Mould and The Pixies. Since their formation in 2012, lead guitarist and vocalist Kyle Werstein, bassist Devon Bryant, and drummer Andrew Carson describe themselves as “quiet dudes playing loud music,” a fitting description of the juxtaposition between their cymbal-crashing power rock and mild in-person demeanour.

Since their formation in August 2012, Fury Things has released three EPs, one full-length album and two singles. In addition to constant touring, they are well into writing and producing a new album, set for release in 2017. Their busy schedule has paid off; the band signed to Modern Radio Record Label in the fall of 2015 while developing a loyal local and international fan base.

Despite lifting their name from the classic Dinosaur Jr. single, “Little Fury Things,” the band does not consider itself a revival act. “We’re influenced by everything from hip hop to metal, and certainly ‘90s rock, but I can’t point to one single thing and say that’s exactly what we’re trying to emulate,” explains guitarist and lead vocalist Kyle Werstein, “I’ve had people say that we sound like bits and pieces of certain bands but we don’t sound like any one of those bands in particular which I take as a compliment.”

On their first full-length album, the aptly titled VHS (2015), the band is certainly closer to striking a balance between emulating their Minneapolis garage-rock roots and finding their own unique sound. Hard-hitting drums, fuzzy guitar riffs and melodic hooks still mirror their many influences, but the album production shows a cleaner, modernized version of their former EPs.

The band will be promoting their new album on their upcoming Summer Bummer tour, stopping in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. The trio considers Calgary their second home and has played three consecutive Sled Island festivals, the first being the nearly-canceled Flood Island of 2013. “When we saw the response from Calgary and its music community, everybody banding together to have these pop-up shows amidst the flood, that experience really endeared us to the city.” This year, the band will be coming in July to experience its first Stampede season. “I’ve heard many tales of what to expect, but it’ll be interesting to see the reality,” laughs Werstein.

Fury Things will be performing at The Cobalt in Vancouver on July 5th, The Buckingham in Edmonton on July 7th and at the Palomino in Calgary on July 8th.

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