Netflix and Kill: July 2016

Sunday 03rd, July 2016 / 13:49
By Gareth Watkins

CALGARY — Hey, it turned out that the latest season of Orange Is The New Black (Netflix) was good. Like the seasons with Jason Biggs good. I mean, it wasn’t like Jason Biggs was responsible for seasons one and two being good, he was more an innocent, nebbish-y bystander of their relative greatness. If you haven’t binged on it yet you still have a hole in your heart in the shape of Pousey and Soso’s gloriously cute relationship.

Speaking of OITNB, one of its writers and producers, Sian Heder, also wrote and directed Tallulah, which Netflix got all hot and bothered over when it premiered at Sundance. It stars Ellen Page as a drifter who kidnaps a baby from its negligent mother, so the combination of ‘Ellen’ plus ‘Page’ plus ‘Baby’ equals Juno comparisons. Alison ‘Juno’s Mom’ Janney being in it probably doesn’t help, but Uzo ‘Crazy Eyes’ Aduba and Zachary ‘Zachary Quinto’ Quinto might drive things far enough left field to sidestep hamburger phones and painful, painful discussion of Mott the Hoople.

Also arriving is a new season of Marco Polo, from the same “Let’s everybody try to make a new Game of Thrones” rush that gave us Outlander and The Shannara Chronicles and Bo-Jack Horseman, starring a bunch of people as the characters they always play, except sometimes animals and Alison Brie as a Vietnamese girl for some reason. Neither’s essential, but if you’re unemployed or an insomniac or something and you’ve already seen The Wire and Seinfeld and the first 11 seasons of The Simpsons then maybe consider thinking about watching them.

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