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Trailer Park: July 2016

Sunday 03rd, July 2016 / 13:31
By Paris Spence-Lang


The Lost World of Industrial Musicals

“For decades, corporations commissioned ‘industrial musicals’—original shows about selling bathtubs, tractors, gasoline, and everything else—only for insiders at conventions and sales meetings.” If you don’t want to watch two hours of that, I don’t know what will get you to the theater. Screened by Steven Young, former writer for Letterman and The Simpsons, these insane musicals will fascinate and possibly terrify—such as the oven-themed song, “I’ve Got a Wide Range of Features” (that is not a joke).

Playing July 17th at the Rio Theatre.

Best of Hot Docs 2016

If you missed the Hot Docs festival, you can still catch the best of the bunch—five documentaries from around the world have been chosen for repeat screening. Lo and Behold, a Werner Herzog film, examines the chilling omnipotence of the internet. Unlocking the Cage follows lawyer Steven Wise, who’s trying to have human rights extended to cognitively complex creatures like chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and whales. And then there’s Tickled, the groundbreaking thriller that uncovers the mysterious, dangerous world of competitive endurance tickling, the only sport worse than football.

Playing July 8th-Aug. 6th at the Vancity Theatre.

Upcoming Releases

Have a kid? Take them to The Secret Life of Pets (in theatres July 8th), the kind of movie where they use all the good jokes in the trailer. At least you’ll be able to introduce your kids to Louis CK without their ears falling off. In The Infiltrator (July 13th), Bryan Cranston resumes moustache position as an 1980s FBI agent trying to infiltrate Pablo Escobar’s network. Like Narcos but shorter, and with an officer more famous for being a drug dealer than the actual drug dealer. And last but possibly least, Ghostbusters. The cringe-inducing trailer does not live up to its cast’s potential, and with a theme song by Fall Out Boy, I’m not sure I can do it. But if you’re still down, check it out July 15th. Just be prepared to get slimed.

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