East Van is alive and well with the sounds of shreds by Satan’s Cape

Thursday 07th, July 2016 / 23:08
By Elliot Way
Photo: Jonathan Dy

Photo: Jonathan Dy

VANCOUVER — The four-piece that is Satan’s Cape, which includes guitarist Ben Couves, Johnny Stewart on bass and vocals, drummer Aran Bingham and Chris Langford on guitar, believes that the riff is of the holy sanction. Stemming from the history of their roots in punk rock, metal, and Hesh/Thrash skating, they all seem to understand each other and don’t have any grand illusions of taking over the world one riff at a time. Their DIY attitudes and their commitment to doing things the way they want is clear when you meet them and hear their music. These are not rock stars, just dudes with guitars and beers in their hands looking for a good time. “We do it because we love it. If you don’t dig it, go to the next show. We’ll rock the moon if we have to” says Johnny Stew.

The writing process for every band is different; sometimes you have a strong headed visionary with a strict idea of how things will turn out, sometimes you have an equal collaboration or a meeting of minds that all come together, each member adding their own touch to a song. In the case of the Cape, Aran describes the process this way: Ben and Chris generally bring riffs to the table, once the band is hearing a keeper they are all stoked on Johnny starts sculpting, trimming and slicing until the arrangement is heavy tight and powerful, then Aran comes in and gives the beast its backbone. Johnny tells me that this process lends itself to banging out a jam which gave them 14 songs in six months playing together as a four piece. When asked about lyrical themes Ben chimes in and says “a lot of it started like most things, a snide comment, a joke, or a burn and then we just turn it into a song.”

Theses four dudes set out for a good time. No real big expectations except drinking beers and playing rock and roll together. After a couple years of jamming and gigging the boys are excited to see the good times and hard work forever captured on wax.

“I never thought I’d have this vinyl in my hand, it is now so much more than just fun,” Ben grins proudly.

When the interview was done I asked the boys to plug in for a quick one and play me something off the new record. Satan’s Cape represents the new era of rock and roll in this city; like Satan’s cape itself, draped over East Van, keeping the riffs alive.

Satan’s Cape plays Savoy Pub on July 8th. The Cape’s album release is at The Waldorf Hotel on July 20th with Spell and Old Age.

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