Les Chaussettes channel psychic powers on ‘Who Will Read Your Mind’

Thursday 07th, July 2016 / 21:53
By Foster Modesette
Photo: Alex Waber, retrieved from Les Chausettes Facebook page.

Photo: Alex Waber, retrieved from Les Chausettes Facebook page.

VANCOUVER — Whether or not you believe in clairvoyant capabilities, the Vancouver-based garage pop quartet Les Chaussettes have found a way into your future. This month the band delivers their long-awaited debut full-length, Who Will Read Your Mind. Recorded and produced by the band’s drummer, Felix Fung, at his Little Red Sounds recording studio, the album features 12 tracks of their signature reverb drenched groove-heavy sound that will transport you to another dimension where ’60s rock ‘n’ roll meets transcendental psychedelia.

“I don’t believe in the power to read minds, but there are people who are so perceptive that they give the illusion of mind reading,” says Jovana Golubovic, guitarist and lead vocalist for the band.

What you’re hearing on Who Will Read Your Mind is no illusion. Members Maria Turner (bass guitar), Alex Maunders (guitar/vocals), Fung (drums), and Golubovic have been taking their time and perfecting their sound while teasing fans with singles; their first one was titled Kate/Volcanoes, followed a year later by Triple Water/Russian Boy. All of these tracks make an appearance on the album, plus a whole bunch of new songs to expand your mind.

“It actually sounds better to me the more time that passes. She’s aging well,” Golubovic says. “I like the way we all played together that day and some overdubs that really made the track. Bells and whistles, literally.”

Songs like “Triple Water” and “B-Side Baby” are sure to become cult hits, with their powerful guitar riffs and poetic lyricism. While other songs on the LP, such as “Mujer” are simple, yet beautiful, instrumentals.

“‘Mujer’ Is a favourite of mine,” Golubovic says. “That song is a piece of work. I really like how it turned out. However, when I listen to the album now I feel a bit disheartened because I unknowingly wrote all those songs in the wrong key for my voice.  I even had to forfeit a song (the title track) to Alex to sing because it was just too low. I used to write songs without regard to the key, and I learned the hard way that the key I want to sing in my bedroom at 2 a.m. is not the same key I want to sing over drums in a noisy venue. I started taking voice lessons after the recording session and discovered I was a ‘true soprano.’ I’m proud of my performance nonetheless, considering the circumstances.”

The album flows nicely, with purposefully inserted mood swings and is sure to infect all types of listeners.

A well-crafted album that truly shines because of its individual tracks, the answer to Who Will Read Your Mind seems to be that Les Chaussettes already have.

Les Chaussettes perform on July 9 at VIVO as part of the Project Space fundraiser.

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