Washington punks Power get destructive

Thursday 07th, July 2016 / 18:23
By Alex Molten
Photo: Angela Owens

Photo: Angela Owens

VANCOUVER — Punk’s not dead; not even in Bremerton, Washington. Hardcore band Power hails from the small city and they have been at it for close to ten years.

“It’s very strange,” says lead singer Evan about the punk scene in the city, “There’s a punk bar down the street called the Charlston and it’s cool but that’s all we got going. Not a lot of people throw house shows so they can only really play at the bar there so there’s only bar shows really. It’s a small navy town so it’s weird. There’s not a lot to do. There’s a lot of drinking and that’s about it. It’s cool though, I love it,” he adds, describing the saving graces of the town.

Power got together during Evan’s senior year in high school and have been busy ever since. The band has Evan as the vocalist, Benn on drums, Griffin on guitar, and Ricky playing bass. They play an in your face form of hardcore that is driven along by their strong riffs and battering drums. Evan’s yells are angry and strengthen the hardcore vibe that the band has.

Five releases deep, the band is looking to record again soon, with their last release being 2015’s Heavy Muscle. Their other releases include Bremerton Zoo (2013), Death Haunts (2011), Demo 2010 (2010), and their self-titled first release in 2009. It is needless to point out that they are a productive band.

Being a band for close to a decade has it perks. While Power may not have that new band smell any more, they have been able to build their fan base as well as friendships.

“It’s great. Couldn’t be better,” muses Evan. “Now whenever we go down the West Coast, we’ve done it so much and we have so many friends so it’s like every night you’re playing at home with all your buds, just in different towns. You know, we’ve made a lot of good connections so it’s cool.”

Evan continues to describe what sticking with a band is like. “There’s different progressions because when you first start you get that new band kind of buzz where everyone wants to check it out. Then you go through the phaze where you progress as musicians so it’s just different styles. We had our high for a little bit, had some big shows, then you go through lulls and you don’t have stuff going on. Now it’s good. We put out a record a little while ago, about to write a new one so it’s cool. Growing.”

Through the years and the tours, the band has had some weird and wonderful times. One of Evan’s favourite memories is from a time Power played Fresno, California. The venue they were playing had to be remodelled the next day and all the drywall had to go.

“So right when the bands got done they were like ‘So you guys can just break the walls. Everything. Punch holes in the walls. We have to get rid of the drywall in the whole building’,” recounts Evan. “So they just gave us hammers and we just listened to Metallica and threw hammers at the drywall and climbed the walls and ripped it all apart. That was pretty cool.”

While their Vancouver show may not be quite as destructive as the Fresno show, the audience can look forward to an energetic fun time. So don’t be square, be there.

Power performs at the Astoria on July 10.

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