Edna King – Pressurize EP

Wednesday 13th, July 2016 / 21:32
By Paul Rodgers

ednakingModern Math

Number eight in Modern Math’s steadily growing catalogue comes in the form of Toronto’s Edna King, with her debut release entitled Pressurize EP. A haunting, almost unsettlingly psychedelic voice, laden with distortion speaks of a dream, before repeating “this is not real,” as a slowly pulsing, ominous bass drum gives the opening track some motion. “Dreams” sets a formidable pace for the five-track EP, and makes way for highly dynamic musical experience.

A folky vocal lament commences track two, “Tracing.” Soft percussion meets the voice in the middle and creates a gentle, meditative fusion. The work of Lisa Gerrard, such as the 1996 Dead Can Dance album Spirtchaser is gently stirred from memory throughout this release, particularly in tracks like “Tracing.”

After the even more wistful and calming “Wake Me Up,” which ironically would be a great piece of music to fall asleep to, the title track “Pressurize” comes in. It is an ambient trip for the listener, quite a bit more ominous than its accompanying tunes. Breathy, whispering stabs add to the feeling of unease that crescendos gradually, before it’s throbbing descent.

The EP concludes with “Memo Me,” a minimalistic and ambient way to close out this enigmatic debut from a captivating Canadian artist.



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