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For Calgary husband-and-wife duo Pre Nup, thoughtful decisions come from past mistakes

Tuesday 26th, July 2016 / 15:04
By Colin Gallant
Pre Nup spent nearly two years perfecting a 10-minute set. Photo: Josiah Hughes

Pre Nup spent nearly two years perfecting a 10-minute set.
Photo: Josiah Hughes

CALGARY — Calgary’s Pre Nup release their debut Wrong Your 7” this month. We sat down with husband-and-wife duo Sara and Josiah Hughes to learn more.

BeatRoute: I was wondering why a married couple would choose Pre Nup for their band name. Do one of you have like a really valuable collection of marionettes or something?

Sara Hughes: The ironic part is that if we were to actually divorce we literally have nothing of worth. We have no assets, no money. We would just have to figure out who gets the cat.

Josiah Hughes: That’s not entirely true. We also have a whole bunch of issues of MAD Magazine, a massive E.T. memorabilia collection and an insurmountable amount of debt to divvy up.

BR: You have your first 7″ called Wrong Your coming out soon. Bands putting out a first release often shy from the expense of the physical format. Any reason you chose not to do that?

JH: With Grown-Ups, we released like 60 songs or something stupid in the five years we were a band. With this band, we want to make sure that everything we release is the best possible music we can make. That’s why it took us nearly two years to perfect our 10-minute set… so it wasn’t hard to figure out what we wanted to press to vinyl.

BR: The song “Wrong Your” touches on bad grammar and Josiah is an editor [for Exclaim!]. Will you guys ever do a song about bad videography since Sara is a filmmaker? 

SH: I actually love bad videography, like Degrassi and other old ’80s stuff. I love films that have awful lighting and no production value whatsoever. Instead of making fun of shitty filmmaking, maybe I’ll make an homage to it. In fact, we already have a song called “Mickey Mouse Stuff” which is about Tommy Wiseau, the notorious director of The Room. I gave the song to Greg Sestero from The Room when he came to Calgary a few weeks ago. Hopefully he can pass it to Tommy.

BR: You guys play live with some members of Lab Coast. Why do you distinguish Pre Nup as a band and who plays live in it?

JH: We had such a revolving door of members in Grown-Ups that we decided this band should just be the two of us, and then we’ll have a live band. I write all of the parts for the songs and play all the guitars and bass on the recordings, and then they play them better than I possibly could live. Dadge asked if he could record Grown-Ups right at the tail end of that band, and his eagerness was one of the things that pushed us to get these Pre Nup songs done. Everyone knows him as a drummer, but he’s also great at bass. I love that I’m making a guy who has gone to music conservatory play fast, stupid pop songs. Darrell is married to Sara’s sister and was an original member of Grown-Ups, so he’s already in the family.

Pre Nup plays 7” release shows in Edmonton at The Almanac with Switches on July 30th and in Calgary at Local 510 with Walter TV on August 2nd

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