Rezzurecting summer with Rezz

Tuesday 26th, July 2016 / 15:32
By Jay King
Rezz will be at Western Canada’s biggest electronic music festivals this summer.

Rezz will be at Western Canada’s biggest electronic music festivals this summer.

CALGARY — One of the best things about the festival season is seeing new talents make their mark on unsuspecting eardrums. Some of these artists gain slow traction through years of rigorous grind and style changes until their niche is finally found. Sometimes, however, an artist will come out of nowhere, take the music scene by storm, and rise to immediate stardom. Rezz is the latter.

At the young age of 21, Isabelle Razazadeh, has accomplished more in her first three years of production experience than some have in a decade. The Niagara Falls native is in the middle of her first headlining North American tour, Rezzurection. Her brand of heavy, dark, industrial techno is a refreshing variation from what might sometimes seem like an over saturation of repetition within the electronic music industry.

“I feel like I’m developing a very loyal fan base,” Razazadeh says of her headlining tour which she described as, “literally insane!” When one of her biggest inspirations is Nine Inch Nails, and noticeably so, a cult-like following is something that can only be anticipated.

Aside from sprinkling in a remix here and there, Rezz plays all original music. Her recent EP, released on Mau5trap, The Silence Is Deafening has gained critical acclaim and is in part what pushed her to front a headlining tour. Songs like “Edge” truly showcase her dark and distinctive sound. The newly released remix of Kill the Noise’sWithout a Trace,” has also gained a lot of traction, showcasing her softer side. She has also been named in Billboard’s 15 dance artists to watch in 2016 list.

The Rezzurection tour is travelling through the U.S. and then coming back up to Canada just before August, with a Calgary date on July 31 at Chasing Summer, playing alongside Ontario friends Zeds Dead among many others. She can also be found at the beloved Shambhala Festival on the Pagoda stage the following week.

“There were a handful of festivals before I started producing music that I was just dreaming to attend,” she explains. “Shambhala was on that list, for sure. I just know that whatever music I’m going to play is going to be so suitable for that fest.”

Between her unique sound and now brandishing her new, custom-made “hypnotic goggles,” Rezz is hard to miss onstage. Be sure to catch one of her sets and find out what all the hype is about.

Rezz performs as part of Chasing Summer which takes place at the Max Bell Centre from July 30-31.

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