Netflix and Kill: August 2016

Wednesday 03rd, August 2016 / 19:52
By Gareth Watkins

CALGARY — First off, I’m sorry. It is my duty as somebody who watches a lot of television to give you heads up when shows as good as Stranger Things are about to happen. In my defence, I thought it was going to be garbage like so many paranormal shows post-X-Files (and, recently, The X Files), and I have literally never been wrong in my aesthetic judgments. That’s how I know that by the 22nd century Johnny Mnemonic will be esteemed far higher than Citizen Kane. ST is a postmodern but not weird-for-the-sake-of-weird homage to ‘80s horror (Stephen King, John Carpenter, Spielberg in Poltergeist), with non-eighties callbacks to Under the Skin and, though I am outing myself as a complete weeb here, the anime Elfen Lied. It is far, far better than it has any right to be, and at eight episodes it’s a manageable binge.

August is pretty dead. The shows I want to watch, Marvel’s Luke Cage and season 2 of Narcos, both premiere in September. The only big premiere is The Get Down, Baz Luhrman’s first TV show. Going by the trailer there’s a lot of good music and pretty set design tacked on to a perfunctory plot about a boy becoming a DJ (like in the Oscar-winner We Are Your Friends) and girl with a dream to sing her way out of the South Bronx in the late ’70s. It does not look good. Neither does Casual, a comedy drama light on both that comes to Hulu for a second season this month. Circle around and watch Netflix’s Love instead, which gets both right, although trigger warning to fellow Community fans: you have to watch Britta have sex.

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