Album premiere: Railtown Sessions Volume 2: Rob Butterfield

Friday 05th, August 2016 / 19:36
By Heather Adamson

VANCOUVER — BeatRoute is premiering the second EP from the four-part Railtown Sessions series being released through Light Organ Records. Each EP showcases a different singer-songwriter selected by producer Andy Bishop and Volume 2 is occupied by four original roots-rock songs by Rob Butterfield. The Railtown Sessions are fused through both Bishop’s hand and his choice to use the same backing curated house band for all four EP recordings, a choice Butterfield respected and embraced. “Andy wanted it to be relaxed and “vibey” and it was just that,” explains Butterfield. “It was a very laid back and musical chunk of time. From the one rehearsal I had with the band right through to the last mix, everything went perfectly smooth and ahead of schedule. The songs sang themselves.”

Railtown Sessions Volume 2: Rob Butterfield EP cover

Railtown Sessions Volume 2: Rob Butterfield EP cover

Described as being the most “obscure” of the four selected artists of the series, Butterfield is honest about his endeavours to live life with authenticity, a quality that is directly reflected in his music. “Living off the grid on a gulf island doesn’t get you a lot of weekly gigs but it does provide you with all the time in the world to play and write and read and breathe,” shares Butterfield. “I play probably five times more than I did in the city and twice as loud if I please.” The songs that arrive on this EP represent his voice as an artist, letting go of societal pressures and rigidity to embrace more of an open-minded approach to create. “I finished “Good People” and “Spending Time” after I moved away from Vancouver. They are a little commentary on Vancouver and how I felt after I ejected myself.” Butterfield’s music is timeless in its delivery, with a voice that is reminiscent of classic folk musicians of the ’60s and arrangements that will have you shimmying on the spot. The four tracks adapt to any mood with the album lending itself to be set on repeat to fully experience the layers of each song that are rich in their offerings of guitar licks, strong keys and Butterfield’s warm down-home vocals.

Rob Butterfield’s Railtown Sessions Volume 2 EP is available both digitally and on limited release vinyl at He will be performing at the Light Organ Records studio on August 12, 2016 for the official release which will also be streamed live through Light Organ’s website and later on Roundhouse Radio.

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