Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival’s bass and beats bring you to your feet

Wednesday 10th, August 2016 / 20:00
By Courtney Creator
Photo: Eden M. Rodgriuez

Photo: Eden M. Rodgriuez

LETHBRIDGE — “It’s everything. It is the heartbeat of life. I don’t want to do anything if I’m not able to dance to it while I’m doing it,” says DJ, performer and music lover Lyndsay Labrecque a.k.a. RABBYT. “This is the kind of music that I want to dance to, which means this is the soundtrack of life for me.”

Lovers of electronic music recognize that the culture created in the community is something they want to emulate in everyday life.

“Electronic music and festivals provides opportunity and outlet for people to be their best self,” says Daysha Salamon, a founder of local event coordination crew Unified Vibe Productions. “No one is judging you. This is an awesome way of life for people to express themselves.”

“It’s been really important for me to give back and provide that outlet for people to come together and make the magic happen,” says Salamon.

This passion connected Salamon to José Streeter and Steve Baines of Bassworks Entertainment, the co-founders of the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival (LEMF), who have combined forces with the production company 11:11 Live, to create their largest festival yet.

“This is the first year we’ve been able to book a headliner,” says Salamon, “so we’re really excited.”

SkiiTour, the DJ duo consisting of Tim Livingstone and Dave Rollie from Whistler, BC, will be bringing a dance storm to main stage this year.

“I had the pleasure of opening for them when they came through town in 2015,” says Riley Miller a.k.a. DJ and bass panda Millz Skillz. “They bring out, they’re like snow blowers but for foam, and they shoot foam into the air and kind of make it their own blizzard…it makes it look like your in a winter wonderland while you listen to all these funky beats. It’s awesome. Those guys are going to put on a really good show.”

This year’s 5th annual festival, on Saturday, August 13th, will host three stages in the Galt Gardens park downtown, with 12 hours of free music from 30 different acts, along with a beer garden, food vendors, artisan market and kids zone.

“Dip between different stages and find what you like,” says Millz Skillz. “A lot of different stages are going to have a lot of different vibes.”

The Luminosity stage will bring drum and bass, underground garage and dubstep, the Zodiac main stage is hosting progressive, electronic, EDM and deep house while the Serenity Stage is the chill zone where you can vibe out to tropical house, chillwave, and laid back electronic music.

Nearly half of the talent is local DJs, giving Lethbridge artists a platform to share their music with the community.

“LEMF gives you more freedom with your artistic expression,” says Millz Skillz. “You’re playing to a crowd that has come to a music festival and want to hear something new. I’ll be channeling dubstep influences and trap genres, with heavier, bassy stuff.”

“It’s time to bring back some serious bass,” says RABBYT. “I plan on doing a much more intense glitch hop and bass oriented set than I’ve ever tried before.”

LEMF has been the connecting force for the electronic community in Lethbridge.

“Through LEMF there’s a collective spirit,” says Millz Skillz. “It’s an opportunity for people to engage with this idea that electronic music can be community friendly.”

“It’s opened a lot of people eyes to see there is a whole subculture out there,” says Salamon. “LEMF isn’t the only electronic music happening in our town. The options are endless for electronic music.”

LEMF is a free festival in the Galt Gardens park on August 13th, from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., hosting the talent of SkiiTour, Ninjette, Constance, Flavours, Aversive, Mittz, RABBYT, Millz Skillz, Steve Samurai, Streeter and many more.

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