Blü Shorts are always trying to outdo themselves

Monday 15th, August 2016 / 16:35
By Michael Grondin
Daring each other on, Blü Shorts make the scary and scummy into a party. Photo: Michael Grondin

Daring each other on, Blü Shorts make the scary and scummy into a party.
Photo: Michael Grondin

CALGARY — “Give it.” “Show it.” “Smoke.” These are the elements of the filth-ridden, pornographic, art-house punk of Calgary’s Blü Shorts, whose live performances go to new levels of uninhibited, psychoanalytic silliness with a sinister flair.

Their furious songs are executed in a gut-punching quickness, with tons of dark sludge.

Droning guitars slice through each other as oozing bass lines set the scene for shrieking vocals and blasting punk rock drums.

They’re fierce, but they maintain a fun and curious energy, and a sound bassist and singer Nyssa Brown jokingly refers to as “Really sharp fleece, or really soft knives.”

“It’s all about love,” says Brown. “And fashion,” adds guitarist Kaylee Cumming.

Donning everything form tape, silk, lace and leather, this four-piece take their look to an almost extra-terrestrial realm.

“It’s just expression. Embracing your goofiness, and not caring too much about the consequences,” says guitarist Martine Ménard. “Everything is incidental, we just come across these costumes and dare each other to wear them.”

Being impulsive in their sound, their performances and their look is a main motivation of theirs.

“We’re always trying to outdo ourselves as far as our performance and stage presence and day-to-day fashion,” says drummer Michael Couvillion. “We try not to hold back at all. And every time, we try to push it a little bit harder.”

Cumming adds, “the fashion of our existence. We like to get dressed up. It always just comes from a place of curiosity,” like, “let’s just do this and see what happens.”

However, Blü Shorts emanate a humorous attitude in their unflinching creative approach.

“We just like to make art for ourselves and we like to share it with our friends,” says Brown. “If you wanted it, here you go. We insinuate that we have ridiculous tastes,” to which Cumming adds with a laugh, “And that we’re really scary.”

Testing their abilities to take their sound and look goes to new levels of silliness.

“Sometimes we embarrass ourselves, but that’s a one of the best aspects of it,” says Couvillion. “We detach ourselves from all that.”

To which Cumming concludes, “It’s good to embrace that side of ourselves though.”

They have only released a few demos at this time. They will be recording with Calgary’s Jon Reynolds in the next few months.

Blü Shorts will be playing alongside Victoria’s Freak Heat Waves and Calgary’s Crystal Eyes at Broken City on August 18.

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