Arkells – Morning Report

Wednesday 17th, August 2016 / 16:12
By Cole Parker

Arkells Morning ReportUniversal

In this day and age of increasingly more electronic instrumentation and studio tinkering, it’s very rare to be known as a band recognized for touring efforts. The Arkells are such a group, and their sound lends itself very much to that reputation. The choruses boom with infectiousness, with classic guitar-driven grooves serving as simple and effective foundations for their immediately gratifying hooks. They’re a prototypical Canadian indie rock band, championing the underdog and their fourth full-length album Morning Report doesn’t shake up their tried and true formula. Taking notes from Motown, The Beatles and the ‘70s pop-rock that they inspired, Max Kerman, the band’s frontman continues his focus on concise, buoyant and almost anthemic songwriting. From his friends, to the band’s hometown of Hamilton, to his romantic relationships, Kerman chooses to let the fleshed out stories of the things he knows best inform the listener in a conversational sing-song rather than relying on more metaphorical language. Morning Report is also an unrelentingly upbeat LP. Kerman seems to always find a way to look at the bright side and it’s hard for that positivity not to leak into the listener’s subconscious, especially when paired with the Arkells’ ultra-sweet melodies.