Slope – Obsidian EP

Wednesday 17th, August 2016 / 15:16
By Paul Rodgers

Slope Obsidian EPLow Indigo

Obsidian is the latest EP from prolific, multi-aliased producer Slope, who is also known for his many years performing as Dan Solo, as forming one half of Sanctums, and for co-founding Modern Math, the locally legendary bass music residency turned record label.

The producer has stated that the EP was influenced by atmospheric black metal. The release is deep, contemplative and stripped back throughout and utilizes a minimalistic approach that highlights the ethereal melodies through a lack of dominant percussion.

Two tracks, “Refuge” and “In Determination” feature his long time musical ally Corinthian, who happens to be the second half of Sanctums. “In Determination” commences in a very serene place and gradually crescendos into a peaceful chiming bell rhythm, while “Refuge” is a much more meditative, soul-baring melody focused track.

West coast producer Kline also makes an appearance on the track “Northern Winds.” There is a transcendental vibe on this one that would be ideal for personal reflection or a soundtrack to an eerie film or television series.

If you are in the market for a driving, head pounding, dance floor centric album, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Instead, Slope showcases a more profound side of the seasoned producer, who over the years has been no stranger to the art of getting people moving on the floor. Obsidian achieves an intellectual overall aesthetic, without compromising accessibility. It rather is a calm and inviting halcyon of a listening experience that harbours tranquility and inspiration.