‘They’re coming out of the goddamn walls!’: Horror-punks Conniving Cadavers pay tribute to a childhood favourite

Tuesday 30th, August 2016 / 09:00
By Michael Grondin
"Game over, man!" Conniving Cadavers are set to release an Aliens-inspired EP. Photo: Hannah Cawsey

“Game over, man!” Conniving Cadavers are set to release an Aliens-inspired EP.
Photo: Hannah Cawsey

CALGARY — Calgary’s horror-punk powerhouses the Conniving Cadavers have released They Mostly Come at Night… Mostly, their first EP in two years. It’s an exploration into ripping punk rock themed after the ‘80s classic horror film Aliens. The recording sees the band charge through five tracks with their personalized brand of fast horror jams, and pay homage to the imagery and sounds of their childhood.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. Aliens is a movie one of us taped off the TV when we were little kids and we would have sleepovers at each other’s houses and watch it endlessly,” says lead singer and guitarist Anthony Janicki, of the band that got its start in high school.

“Since we’re a horror-punk band, we figured why not make an entire five-song EP all about one of our favourite horror movies,” he adds. “We basically picked our favourite parts of the movie and decided to write songs about each of those scenes.”

They Mostly Come at Night… Mostly was recorded in Calgary at Echo Base Studios. The Conniving Cadavers showcase a wide range of technical abilities in quick and fun street punk with thrash metal stylings. But they also have tons of poppy melodies and all the oohs and ahhs you can expect from a horror-punk outfit.

“Generally, horror-punk has very poppy melodies and sound, and we really like that,” says Janicki. “I try to bring my own edge to the vocals, and we try to have the music show our individual styles while also showcasing the music we love.”

Janicki has illustrated a music video in tow for the release. With the Conniving Cadavers channeling the sound of such acts as the Misfits and Iron Maiden, the shocking images and theatrics the band use in humorous style pairs nicely.

Janicki says having a distinct theme is his band’s main motivation, and this approach seems to have staying power.

“The Conniving Cadavers are a novelty in that kind of way, because we try to be memorable by having an image and characters, and it’s a lot of fun,” he explains. “We broke up for six years and when we got back together and people still remembered us and I think it’s because of this distinct image.”

Conniving Cadavers will be releasing their EP at Broken City on September 9 alongside Forbidden Dimension and Misused.

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