Netflix and Kill: September 2016

Monday 05th, September 2016 / 14:53
By Gareth Watkins

CALGARY — I envy you, Future People. In the space year 2016.75, you will have already seen Marvel’s Luke Cage. You’ll know if Netflix-Marvel has kept up the streak it started with Daredevil, continued with Jessica Jones, slightly wobbled with DD’s second season, and will some day be tying together in a Defenders crossover. Is it as good as the trailer? Does he say “sweet Christmas” too much or not enough? Also, do you have Google Glass and jetpacks and food in pills? People of the present can tune in on September 30th.

There’s also season two of Narcos out on September 2nd. The original got some details and Pablo Escobar’s accent wrong when telling what turned out to be a propulsive and slick little story of the drug trade, and covered the majority of the Columbian drug kingpin’s rise and fall. The second season might have to stretch the story a little thin, but should be worth a watch nonetheless.

Hulu is just going to skip new releases in September to just be, but Amazon is just killing it: they’re putting out the original movie Wiener Dog, by Todd Solondz. That name is either going to make you squeal with delight or curl up into a ball. For those of you unfamiliar with his work… dude is dark. Not in some Zack Snyder, teenage boy’s idea of dark, but actual who-hurt-you dark. There’s also new Transparent (September 23rd) and Tig Novaro’s series One Mississippi (September 9th), because you’re going to want to hard-reset your karma.

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