Bad Animal – Tonight

Tuesday 06th, September 2016 / 16:18
By Matt Mosley

Bad AnimalIndependent

With their chimey, riffy guitar pulses and driven drumbeats, Bad Animal tap into the vein of a throwback garage attack. It leaves sweat dripping down the back of your neck as you cruise down Highway 1 waiting for a melodic break to take a breath, and ease the gas off to a respectable 120 km/hr, which is allowed sporadically. The tracks “Casino Vino” and “Faux Filles” are so rattlingly crafted that you can feel the concrete rumble beneath your feet as you stare at the sound guy and wonder how that chorus is slinking out of your buddy’s garage, never thinking it would spill from that beer soaked PA. Tonight belongs in your player like a ‘60s garage track, a crunchy vinyl, tapes passed from sweaty hand to sweaty hand, a burned CD you gave to the sort-of-hot girl from gym class, that playlist you transferred in second year after scoring with the music that made you feel like you felt then. Bad Animal won’t let you forget it from track to track. once you think you’re done… you realize your toe hasn’t stopped tapping and your head just wants to listen some more.