Royal Canoe – Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit

Tuesday 06th, September 2016 / 14:08
By Liam Prost

royalcanoeNevado Records

Sexy, shiny, and slimy in one colourful package; everything about Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit is meticulously tuned and contoured, but somehow, Winnipeg math-pop outfit Royal Canoe have managed to squeeze all of the evidence of their hard work into something fun and goofy. It’s impossible to give Royal Canoe enough credit for what they do, Something is strange, eclectic, and mesmerizing. The arrangements are extremely dense and almost entirely live, often what appears to be a glamorously synthesized production element turns out to be a theramin or a strangely modulated vocal.

Praise aside, this record, despite its sprightly pop exterior is certainly not for everyone. On first listen, it comes off gaudy and awkward. Some might call them a true musician’s band, but that doesn’t say a huge amount about who is actually listening. Some of these tracks are straight-up indie dance pop, but with rhythms so complex you might not even dare to dance to them. It’s hard to recommend this record to anyone in particular. This record is headphone-listening dance music, a party record for nerds, and if you are brave enough to wade into it, you will undoubtedly be rewarded.