‘The Brett Martin Show’ is a promising existential attempt at Canadian late night talk

Friday 09th, September 2016 / 16:33
By Victoria Banner

brett-martinVANCOUVER — Canada has a rich culture and vibrant entertainment scene but oddly enough Canada only ever had one late night talk show: The Mike Bullard Show. It was short-lived and there’s almost been a decade-long scramble in the comedy community to be the Canadian comedian who cracks the missing talk show formula. Every major city has their version of a local variety show and some people get really close…Paul Anthony’s “Talent Time” at the Rio has fantastic production value and manages to air on Shaw TV once a month. The Brett Martin Show promises none of this. “Ummm… we’re gonna have like a monologue, a desk, some sketches and probably swearing,” Brett Martin explains, sounding like he is writing the show between sips of whiskey. “Unlike The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, no one is walking out of the show more intelligent than when they entered.”

Martin will be the host and he will have his co-host (fellow comedian Sam Tonning) and several special guests joining him. “We tried to get Trudeau, then we tried for the mayor of Vancouver… at this point we’ll probably just interview a guy with a horse mask.” Martin assures us the show will be a planned night of fuckery, a carnival of dumb, or his newest failure; but his 14-year comedy career suggests otherwise. Martin is one of Vancouver’s top headlining acts: he has a TV special, album and tours the country year round. His demeanour, which effortlessly parallels The Dude from The Big Lebowski, has long prevented self-produced vanity projects making it exciting to see exactly what he may be up to with this show.

The Brett Martin Show may prove to be a perfect vehicle for his abilities as Brett’s award winning headlining sets are free flowing and conversational in nature. There are currently no non-stand-up shows running out of Yuk Yuk’s so to have the club open on a Sunday to let Brett do his thing demonstrates industry confidence that Martin knows what he’s doing (despite the fact he assures us he doesn’t know what he is doing). The show will be edgy fun as both Martin and co-host Tonning, while very intelligent and socially conscious, have never expressed any interest in political correctness in their comedy stylings, often going for top-notch shock humour.

Catch The Brett Martin Show live September 11th at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club.

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