Taking a trip to the Mother Church in ‘Brett Kissel – Stepping Inside the Circle’

Tuesday 20th, September 2016 / 19:37
By Claire Miglionico

CALGARY — Filmmaker Kelly Wolfert had the opportunity to capture homegrown country artist Brett Kissel’s first big entry into the country circle of fame, known as “stepping inside the circle.” This entails performing at The Grand Ole Opry, the iconic music venue located in Nashville, TN for the very first time. Wolfert says being invited to perform at The Grand Ole Opry, dubbed “The Mother Church of Country,” can be intimidating for some artists. It’s the first big performance country singers and musicians can say“they’ve made it” to.

Brett Kissel - Stepping Inside the Circle

Brett Kissel – Stepping Inside the Circle

“The majesty of the venue is something to behold. Looking at artists step inside that sacred wood circle, that has held the feet of Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton, will set you back,” writes Wolfert.

“And that’s just as a spectator,” he adds. “Imagine that you have to perform in that circle. It’s pretty chilling. We were lucky enough to follow Brett’s lead and watch it all unfold.”

Wolfert believes in bringing forth a documentary style that is not too distracting or flashy for the viewers.

“When the audience can sit and watch the images and moments unfold, we think they will walk away feeling like they were there and got to participate in something memorable,” says Wolfert.

As part of the Calgary International Film Festival’s Alberta Spirit Gala, Brett Kissel – Stepping Inside the Circle, will bring a classic cinematography to a classic success story.

Brett Kissel – Stepping Inside the Circle screens Sept. 25 at Theatre Junction GRAND, 5:30 p.m.

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