Basic Nature bask in the beauty of sadness

By Julijana Capone
Dream-popsters Basic Nature will bliss you out and break your hearts.  Photo: Eric Roberts

Dream-popsters Basic Nature will bliss you out and break your hearts.
Photo: Eric Roberts

WINNIPEG—A lushly crafted assortment of atmospheric dream-pop bliss, Basic Nature’s debut EP Circles & Lines was one of the Manitoba releases in 2015 that resonated with very little promotional effort.

“When we released “Gone,” our first single on Circles & Lines, we didn’t do anything for it,” says vocalist/guitarist Lizzy Burt. “We just released it on Facebook. We had zero followers on the page. People kind of caught on to it. It was a really nice surprise, and really unexpected.”

The strength of that EP led to two Eastern Canadian tours, and an opening slot with shoegaze giants Swervedriver. Now they’re about to hit the road again on a jaunt through Canada’s West with a beautiful new single, “Love Won’t Always Be There,” and a limited edition cassette, Changes and Static, to their name.

The single, as Burt notes, is a reflection on past relationships, but also a stark reminder that you can’t always depend on other people for your own happiness.

“’Love Won’t Always Be There’ comes from the idea that everything’s going to be O.K. as long as you love yourself,” she says.

Given the duo’s affection for floating Slowdive-inspired melodies of the delightfully melancholic variety, it’s no surprise then that the duo, consisting of Burt and drummer/vocalist Claire Bones, first came together on one of the coldest and bleakest winters in Winnipeg’s history.

“Winter can be depressing, and a lot of songs from Circles & Lines stemmed from the trials and tribulations in my life,” says Burt. “Winter is such an odd beast and it can bring out the worst in people, but I feel like, for that particular project, perhaps it brought out the best in our creativity.”

Indeed, it’s the marriage of Burt and Bones’ rhythm, reverb and sweet, light-as-air vocals that makes their take on nu-gaze—or what they’ve dubbed “prairiegaze”—a standout that’s altogether devastating and gorgeous.

“We don’t have boundaries. That’s for sure,” Burt explains. “Every time either of us has an idea, we always try it. No matter how silly or bland it is. We just try it, because you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Basic Nature perform at Broken City on September 30 (Calgary), Mama’s Gin Joint on October 1 (Edmonton), Upstairs Cabaret on October 4 (Victoria), The Matador on October 7 (Vancouver), and Skymall on October 12 (Edmonton). To purchase their new cassette, head to

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