Jody Glenham & the Dreamers’ brand of morphine desert pop cuts deep

Saturday 01st, October 2016 / 14:24
By Brett Sandford
Photo: Lindsay Eilliott

Photo: Lindsay Eilliott

CALGARY — At first listen, Jody Glenham’s sleepy style of lounge pop seems innocuous enough.

Last summer’s Ill Wind/RSVP7” (Kingfisher Bluez) creeps along with its gentle hooks, both tracks dancing around the five-minute mark, classy and free of saccharine studio tricks. However, like most things in life, it’s the ones you don’t see coming that really get you.

While Glenham leads you out into the desert night with one hand, the other slides those gentle hooks between your ribs, then delicately lays you down in the sand to watch the magic of the starry night unfold.

The Vancouver-based Glenham, and her backing band The Dreamers, have unearthed the button for making hazy, slow-burning morphine pop and have spent the past year with their finger firmly applied to it.

Catch Jody Glenham & The Dreamers in Calgary on October 6th at Broken City, in Edmonton on October 7th at UP+DT Fest and in Lethbridge on October 8th at The Owl. 

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