Five years of hard touring brings duo Picture the Ocean back to Edmonton

Monday 03rd, October 2016 / 14:59
By Mike Dunn
Picture The Ocean’s second album is a raw, intimate affair. Photo: Erin Walker

Picture The Ocean’s second album is a raw, intimate affair.
Photo: Erin Walker

CALGARY — The touring life can be exhilarating; every day a new locale, some place your eyes have never seen and may never see again, or the familiar faces of friends you made the last time you passed through. For Jesse Dee and Jacquie Boisvert of Edmonton’s Picture the Ocean, their five-year run as self-funded touring musicians took them across Canada several times, through Europe, America, and as far as India, giving them a new perspective of their Prairie home.

“It took a bit of getting used to,” says Dee (pronounced Dah-min-yoo), “I think we were looking for that ‘sameness’ of day-to-day life for a while, rather than just show-to-show-to-show. I still love driving, checking out the little spots that we’ve come to know, we love that, but we have a lot of good friends in Edmonton that we never got to see very often, and it’s been great to reconnect with them, and start some new projects.” In addition to Picture the Ocean, Dee purchased a live production company, Listen Louder Productions, and holds down guitar duties in Joe Nolan’s band, The Dogs. He and Boisvert continue to maintain their long-held tenures in Scott Cook’s band, The Long Weekends.

That sense of home is palpable on Something Real, their new album recorded live to tape in a cabin in Edmonton’s river valley, with engineer Scott Franchuk. The warm and spare acoustic feel of the record is enhanced by Dee and Boisvert’s personal intimacy, their voices swirling in intricate harmony.

“I’d been reading a Neil Young biography, Shakey, and it really made me want to do something unadorned, really raw,” says Dee. “I don’t think it’s the kind of record we can take into the bar circuit, where, you know, you have the volume to make sure the crowd will hear it. For a record like this, we’d like to concentrate on house concerts, theatres, and festivals.”

Picture The Ocean will release their second album, Something Real, at The Aviary in Edmonton, Wednesday, October 5th.

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