Prints of Darkness supports community through merchandise

Monday 03rd, October 2016 / 13:10
By ziicka

Ian Demian-Pérez of Prints of Darkness.

VANCOUVER — This local company is manned mainly by one person: owner/operator, Ian Demian-Pérez. Though Demian-Pérez notes, “I get a lot of help and support from my wife who comes every time I have a mountain of work [with] little time, but at this stage it’s essentially a one-man operation.” On the name of the company, he explains, “a friend suggested ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prints’, which automatically spinned into its current state.” A sucker for puns, love came for the name, then quickly for the brand.

There are countless orders from a handful of clients throughout the country, but generally they generate in Vancouver. “There’s enough work available within my own community to keep me busy.”

Community is a running narrative with POD. Active in sponsorship and listing special discounts for bands, Demian-Pérez states, “I play in bands myself, so I understand all too well the struggles that come with the territory. A lot of the (little) money bands make comes from merch sales, so this is the way I can contribute to the growth of the community I’m a part of. If the community grows, I do as well.”

“Burger Fest is the most recent event sponsored, but I’ve also [supported] the Terminal City Rollergirls and the Tattooed Talent Show by GlassCity Collective. As far as advertising goes, I prefer [sponsorship] over classic ads because it also helps the people I do it for; there is a lot more to be gained than if I just do it for myself.”

When asked if printing merch introduced him to anything that he probably would not have found otherwise, he answers enthusiastically: “For sure! I was amazed to see how many people in this city bust their asses making things happen, and those involved with facilitating spaces for all this. I used to have a pretty cynical outlook on the local scene, but after getting more involved it didn’t take long to see there are some amazing people doing important work in this city.”

When questioned about music he finds most often or motivating in the work space, he says, “I’m mostly into metal, it’s what I was raised on. But I have a pretty wide taste in music. I might start the day with something electronic & abstract like Autechre, then get into the heavy stuff once I’m rolling. I think thrash might be the best thing to play if I want to keep a steady pace, but if I have to finish a job quickly I’ll probably put on something with a bit more blast beats like black or death metal. Also a lot of Run The Jewels!”

Check out Prints of Darkness at 356 Powell.

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