The horizon rumbles as the third coming of Psych Fest approaches

Monday 03rd, October 2016 / 14:46
By Andrew Pitchko


Photo: Milton Stille

Photo: Milton Stille

VANCOUVER — Mitch Ray and Taya Fraser of Art Signified are two very busy people. Together they are orchestrating what is to be third instalment of Vancouver Psych Fest. If you had the chance to visit this event over the course of the last few years, then you need no explanation as to the madness that unfolds. With over 15 bands packed into multiple rooms, the noise never ends as each band begins the very second the last one finishes. The show features wall to wall projections, live dancing, and a myriad of party favours and illusions.

This year the ever more popular Vancouver Psych Fest is manifesting itself once again. Ray and Fraser are beating the drum to attract the fringe elements of Vancouver to assemble what Ray calls, “The best bang for your buck for a live show in Vancouver this year.” The lineup will feature touring bands such as L.A. Witch (LA), Destruction Unit (AZ), Crosss (Toronto), Archaics (Edmonton), and local talents such as Eric Campbell & The Dirt, The Wandering Halls, and Dopey’s Robe, with more surprise contributors to be added closer to the date.

Since day one of planning and organizing this event the Art Signified team has allowed themselves total freedom in terms of planning and arranging the show. The attitude being that nothing is impossible. It is their belief that the yearly show has now sprung wings of its own, with people approaching them after the announcements of each year’s event offering to provide services ranging from poetry breaks, interpretive dancing, stripteases, and most recently weed sponsorships for the bands. As fun as it would be to have the whole event brought to you by Juicy Fruit Brand Chronic, Ray says the whole event will remain sponsor free as long as it can, as he hopes to make it a festival by the people for the people.

Psych fest is October 8th from 2pm until 3 am at Fortune Sound Club (147 E. Pender St). Advance tickets available at Neptoon RecordsBully’s Studios & Studio Vostok.

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