Picture The Ocean – Something Real

Tuesday 04th, October 2016 / 14:37
By Mike Dunn

Picture The OceanIndependent

The path of artists is rarely a straight line, and the art they create is often reflective of their chosen avenues. On their new LP, Something Real, Edmonton’s Picture The Ocean have delivered a subtle and close knit set of songs that shines a soft light on their transition from road weary to finding the nearness that can only come from having a place to call home.

The warm, opening strains of “Anywhere,” with only an acoustic guitar and tambourine to accompany the matrimonial harmony of Jesse Dee and Jacquie B, finds a sweet melancholy in the end of a long road, the refrain, “You can’t call me here, I could be anywhere,” at once letting the ones you love know you’re safe, even if they can’t hear you say it.

“Excalibur” takes the returning home narrative a bit further, and puts a new spin on the conversations bands have about making plans for the future, at once hopeful, and disconsolate at the ways the world can change the plans you cared so much for, with or without your input.

Picture The Ocean may not be putting on the miles they used to, but their seams feel as tight knit as ever, and Something Real offers a smartly composed and performed heartfelt proximity to the dreams of youth and the realities of age.