If Vancouver’s a musical vacuum, then So Loki’s ‘V’ just might be the remedy

By Chris Jimenez, with editorial assistance by Vanessa Tam
Experimental hip-hop group So Loki strives to push their genre as far as possible while remaining true to Vancouver. Photo: Steve Kim

Experimental hip-hop group So Loki strives to push their genre as far as possible while remaining true to Vancouver.
Photo: Steve Kim

VANCOUVER — So Loki is a local hip-hop duo consisting of rapper Sam Lucia and electronic music composer Natura a.k.a. Geoff Millar, who are originally from Edmonton and Vancouver respectively. Finding harmony in each other’s obsessive work ethic, the two solo artists really melded over their strongly fuelled passion for electronic hip hop.

Their experience with music began with Millar’s interest in learning music at age 16 which eventually led to him pursuing digital music production at Langara College. Lucia, on the other hand, originally wanted to make comics, until one day his mom asked him to think of a rap while she was cutting his hair at age 12. “It won’t hurt as much if you think of a rap and when it’s done, you can tell it to me,” she said to him, sowing the seed.

Speaking on their experience in the Vancouver music scene, Millar says, “I think that there’s a vacuum in Vancouver; it’s a gaping hole, especially for hip hop. There is still people doing it though; all the stuff [that] we do is [the] stuff [that] we want to listen to. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t think this was something truthful to us and something unique.”

“Geoff is right about paving a new path because most [of the] people that [seem to] get anywhere in Vancouver leave Vancouver,” Lucia adds. “If we stay here, we will become that landmark. If this could be that place where everyone knows that So Loki is stamped on it, I think it would be so much more important than giving it to other places that have already built the bottom bricks. It’s very sad to see people leave when there is [still so much] opportunity [here].”

Putting their work where their mouth is, the duo’s latest album V reaches for new heights in the West Coast experimental hip-hop scene. It features tracks that showcase depth and weirdness, similar to the feeling of walking out of a well-designed haunted house, heart pleasantly pumping.

“I do want them to feel weird; I want them to feel a little bit out of place,” notes Lucia. “Some of the best music I ever heard was Eminem’s Slim Shady LP and I just remember thinking that some of this shit is so real I don’t [even] wanna show this to my mom. It’s the best feeling ever because you know it’s honest and you can defend it at the end of the day. I think people should be pleasantly surprised and be kind of weirded out by that feeling of pleasantness.”

“I think more recently we wanted to push the music further,” Miller added. “We wanted people to feel like moshing and then have moments of bliss… and then moshing again.”

So Loki performs at their album release party at a secret location on October 28th.

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