Protest the Hero – Pacific Myth

Sunday 06th, November 2016 / 15:35
By Alec Warkentin

protesttheheroSony Music

There’s no middle ground when it comes to discussing Canadian prog-rockers Protest the Hero. Four strong albums in, PTH has developed a love-‘em-or-can’t-fucking-stand-‘em reputation that stems primarily from frontman Rody Walkers divisive vocal delivery which shifts from crystal-clear highs to vicious gutturals on a dime. However, Pacific Myth, their latest EP of voracious fret-burners, is a prime example of a band that knows their place so well that they’re unable to escape the territory of self-parody that comes from musicians that *literally* grew up playing the same music they’re still putting out 15 years on.

To remedy this situation, Protest has started implementing unique marketing strategies to produce their work, beginning with 2013’s Volition (which was crowdfunded via Indiegogo), and continuing with Pacific Myth, which was released over a 12-month span to paying subscribers via Bandcamp.

The result is 12 tracks (well, six, with accompanying instrumentals) that essentially sound like rejected cuts that didn’t quite make it onto their last full-length. In fact, any song on Pacific Myth could be slipped into any other post-Fortress release and the listener would be none the wiser.

While the guys in Protest are undoubtedly talented, Pacific Myth has made it clear that being really, really good at what you do doesn’t necessarily make it interesting.



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