Greazus is ready to drop beats and knowledge onto AEMCON attendees

Tuesday 08th, November 2016 / 10:50
By Jay King
Greazus reflect on the climate of their industry and offer encouragement with AEMCON appearances. Photo: Michael Benz

Greazus reflect on the climate of their industry and offer encouragement with AEMCON appearances.
Photo: Michael Benz

CALGARY — Along with a weekend chock full of priceless info from some of the best in the local market, there is also going to be a couple of nightcaps for everyone to unwind to. After all, the real reason why the AEMCON is able to operate is because of the music. BeatRoute got a chance to chat with Vancouver’s Severine Erickson and Patrik Cure (together: Greazus) and find out some of their initial impressions leading up to the first AEMCON.

“One of our good friends and collaborators/photographers, Michael Benz, got us on board. Also Dean ‘Phatcat’ Musani helped put together some shows in other cities to celebrate the appearance,” they explained. The duo will be apart of a panel discussion called “The Past, Present, and Future of Bass Music.”

When asked what that discussion might entail, Cure says, “This is something we will be working with John Rolodex. Both of us feel like we are pretty vetted in this area, so we plan on basically sharing our experiences.”

“Like most things in our life we excel when being spontaneous,” adds Erickson.

This spontaneity is exactly what AEMCON is about. Being that it came together in less than eight months, quick decision-making that comes from the heart is the underlying factor in much of the success of these artists.

“Music is something you do for love; it shouldn’t feel like work. That said it does require so much of your soul to keep the fire burning. We have worked, quite literally, non-stop since forming Greazus. I believe that has helped us bypass some of the more awkward phases in building a music career. Phases that we certainly encountered in our solo projects,” Erickson, formerly known as HxdB, explains.

The two have worked with a myriad of artists like Detroit’s Sinistarr, who currently resides in Calgary due to its tight-knit community. “In Alberta you can see just how rapidly things have been building musically in recent years. You can sense the huge momentum and you’re starting to see more and more world class acts coming out of Alberta,” says Erickson.

Greazus hopes to share their experience and provide hope to struggling, but motivated, people trying to make it in the industry. Cure points out, “We are just regular dudes that built this all on our own… with absolutely no financial backing. If we can do it, anyone can!”

Both Greazus’ appearance at the Past, Present, and Future of Bass Music and performance at 9910 in Edmonton take place on November 12th.

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