Handsome Tiger descends into a deeper realm of bass music

Thursday 10th, November 2016 / 10:15
By Jamie Goyman

Handsome Tiger

VANCOUVER — “I love many sounds… Deeper emotive music has always moved me more though. [I’m] definitely in the bass realm, that’s the vibe I’m really into right now, deep and sometimes minimal,” says Hussein Elnamer a.k.a. Handsome Tiger.

Starting out with uplifting plucks of cinematic melody then driven into a bass heavy track with a guitar leading you down the proverbial rabbit hole, “Descending” is the latest release from the Vancouver-based producer, who’s steadily trying to add a little extra flavour to the city’s electronic underbelly.

“Everything I’ve been making with this project is just trying to make something new and fresh with each tune I create. I was definitely trying to reflect a little bit of light and darkness within the contrasting parts of the tune, while using the guitars to drive the beat,” explains Elnamer.

Using the skills he built up through his old band, A Name Unheard, and experimentation with Daw Ableton in 2014, Handsome Tiger has set himself on the path towards constantly exploring and challenging his creativity, which hopefully leads to some live PA.

“I try to use my guitar and voice to set myself apart from other producers… I also love the way trippy guitar lines mix with deep bass driven tracks, I want to use that contrast by making organic influenced electronic music,” he says.

Dedicated to releasing one track each month until next summer — a sort of monthly goal for himself if you will — and aim on an EP or full release this coming summer, there is a definitive drive to do something behind Handsome Tiger.

“For now just keeping the energy going into creating and playing a bunch of shows over the winter!”

For more from Handsome Tiger, check out his website.

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