Lido, I M U R at Rio Theatre

Saturday 19th, November 2016 / 14:00
By Coralie Kourany
Lido at Rio Theatre. Photo: Philip Moussavi

Lido at Rio Theatre.
Photo: Philip Moussavi

November 7, 2016

VANCOUVER — Considering the limitations of the theatre, Lido’s 14-date The Everything Tour sure managed to exceed the expectations of the Rio on a Monday night.

The evening started off with singer-songwriter Jenny Lea’s soulful and sensual vocals over Mike Jensen’s beats and guitar riffs, complementing and blending the two with Amine Bouzaher on violin and bass over the track “Little Death” from their second album set to be released in January. The trio form local electronic and future soul band I M U R (pronounced I Am You Are) illustrating the union between them and their listeners. They seduced the spectators with the blend of groovy hip-hop rhythms transitioning sweetly from one song to the next synced in harmony with the psychedelic visual effects around them making the crowd forget who they were there to see. They ended their set engaging the crowd into singing the chorus of their new song “Fight Fuck Love” leaving the stage on a bittersweet note to reveal their honour in introducing the headliner.

I M U R at Rio Theatre. Photo: Philip Moussavi

I M U R at Rio Theatre.
Photo: Philip Moussavi

Lido lit up the stage with a clash of earthy visual stimulation of blues and whites, the colours of his recently released album Everything. The album expressing the process of heartbreak in which Lido guides you through his own story and representation of the emotional development between the chaos preceding a break-up and the feeling of loneliness at the end of a relationship. Norwegian producer and multi-talented singer-songwriter introduced himself to the room as though we were watching him perform a wide range of genres in the secrecy of his own bedroom moving gracefully from synth to drums behind sheer screens on both corners of the stage. Changing mediums every few minutes, to occasionally expressing a more sentimental approach on his piano.

His new single “Crazy” brought the show to amazement with a collection of light effects. Strobing LED rigs caused a twinge of discomfort in the theatre’s otherwise comfortable seats, while Lido shared with the audience his authentic anguish as he battered against his drums behind the screen of red and white lighting effects. Through vocal samples and beats, Lido dramatized the torment of losing someone you love until he sat center stage on his piano and sang his sultry lyrics into the microphone. Building up towards the end of his performance, he withdrew vulnerably on his piano where he cried out the chorus in despair, “Who the fuck cares anymore?” Concluding the album by expressing the release of the diversity of emotions that took place throughout the album. A more ambient setting took place as he wrapped up the care package of a broken heart.

Suspended in the empathetic memoir of his performance, his audience begged for an encore to soothe their loneliness, and concluded his performance by generously offering his final comforts.

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