Buy tunes, help us pay bills! joins Apple Music Affiliate Program

By Shane Flug
Logos: Courtesy of Commons

Logos: Courtesy of Commons

CALGARY — For those who are familiar with how we make our posts on, we enhance the user experience by embedding relevant songs and/or videos of artists that we cover for readers to enjoy.

But now, providing you this extra service has unlocked us an opportunity to earn a little extra revenue that can help us pay the monthly hosting costs (if not beyond).

Earlier this month, Apple reached out to us with an invitation to join their Apple Music Affiliate Program. We happily accepted.

How this works is that when we link to or embed artists’ music (or other content like movies or iBooks) on our site’s posts, your purchases of iTunes content from those links also earn us a commission. These are what the digital marketing world call affiliate links.

So in the future, if an artist we cover is on Apple Music/iTunes, we disclose that hyperlinks and embeds from the service that you see in our posts will be affiliate links going forward, same goes for any future Apple Music banner ads you may see on the site, as well.

Joining this program also does not mean that every album review, or any other kind of coverage taking a critical angle, that we write will suddenly be a fawning one: will provide affiliate links/embeds to all artists on the service that we review, even when a contributor doesn’t share a favourable take.

We’re enthusiastic about this new revenue opportunity, but we’re also realistic: we’d be kidding ourselves to think that joining the affiliate marketing world is suddenly going to make this indie regional monthly rich, however, with today’s challenges of digital banner ad sells not even coming close to making up for the losses of print ad revenue, we must—to be frank—be open to tapping into additional revenue sources for our long-term survival.

So as you do your holiday music shopping this winter, or if Santa got you a new iPad, your purchases on Apple Music/iTunes from our site’s affiliate links will also serve as a Christmas present to us as well.

Thank you very much! Keep the music loud this holiday season, and we hope to see you at our Annual Christmas Party at the Palomino in Calgary, featuring Melted Mirror*, Marlaena Moore*, We Are Not Ghosts*, Crystal Eyes*, guest DJs and more.

* Apple Music affiliated links. See what we did there?

Bloggers and publishers who cover music, film or tech can learn more about and apply for Apple’s Affiliate Program.

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