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Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

by Sebastian Buzzalino Julien Baker’s delicate folk songwriting feels like a long-forgotten favourite sweater. She is emotive and resilient, leaving…

The Faps: Two greasy men in a lifeboat

Tuesday 06th, December 2016 / 13:05
By Brittney Ruston and Arnaud Sparks
The Faps ask: “What’s the stupidest thing we can do sincerely?” Photo: Emanuel Muntean

The Faps ask: “What’s the stupidest thing we can do sincerely?”
Photo: Emanuel Muntean

LETHBRIDGE — Blair Colwell and Skyler Caffrata comprise Saskatoon-based musical duo The Faps, who played at Attainable Records in Lethbridge on November 18th with Marlaena Moore and respectfulchild. They agreed to an interview with us, under the assumption that we would ask them things like what their band name meant (a question we were pretty sure that we, and everyone who would read this, already knew the answer to). Instead, we talked about flat-earth conspiracy theorists, dubstep, cannibalism, and their ironically titled “Reunion Tour” where they play no classic hits.

Coming from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Colwell and Caffrata attribute some of their sound as a product of their past environments. They describe their music as sounding like “bored kids… we’re bored cause there’s nothing to do [in Moose Jaw], so we just try to make as much noise as we can and be weirdoes.” They state that their sound developed in their hometown, but was really given an outlet when they moved to Saskatoon and became immersed in that scene.

When asked how long they have been playing together, they traced a musical lineage that stretched back about 10 years, noting that, “we’ve really only ever played with each other.” Their long standing best-friendship is impossible to miss when you see these two performing together. They are synchronized on stage to the point where they can improvise lyrics, and that when performing, “sometimes we’ll make eye contact like, how long can we just grind on the symbols and guitar? And sometimes that’ll be like 45 minutes.” This tour—a self-proclaimed “reunion tour”—marks about the fourth year that they have been playing as The Faps. The longevity is highlighted by the way they discuss their music, the direction of the band as a cohesive thing, and the role of seriousness as it pertains to their art.

About their song-writing process and lyrical content, they simply ask each other, “What’s the stupidest thing we can do sincerely?” They have a penchant for disguising a song’s meaning in weird and ridiculous ways, all while trying to induce some sort of discomfort in their audience. Part of this they credit to listening to, and being influenced by, what they refer to as “bad music.” They divulged their slight obsession with Limp Bizkit, noting how incredulous it was that they went platinum even though they had a song that was “literally just the F-word, when has that ever happened?” This sort of anti-seriousness is what makes watching The Faps the experience that it is, and what led them to describe themselves as, “Kind of like Steve Aoki, if he was two greasy men in a lifeboat on the sewer.”

As for new releases and material, The Faps are celebrating the physical release of their newest project, a set of remixes of their songs as performed by friends and fellow-musicians on January 27th at Amigos in Saskatoon, with the proceeds going to Women Walking Together. Though they will be physically releasing this batch of remixes, they state that the project is ongoing and that, “Anyone who wants to remix our garbage can.” They also hint that the stuff they have been playing on this tour will most likely be recorded soon—and we would like to add that we know for sure that the fourth song that they played in their set was good.

The Faps can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp at

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