The Sound of Our City: BeatRoute’s Best of Lethbridge Music 2016

Thursday 08th, December 2016 / 15:57
By Courtney Faulkner

LETHBRIDGE — ‘Tis the season to write lists about the year that has passed. So, here it is folks, the notable music you hopefully haven’t missed from Lethbridge this year:

A. Trozzo and The Electric Few – EP

Hard psych rock blasting from your neighbour’s garage.
Highlight: “Ye Got It Wrong”

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Noisy post punk, a musical embodiment of the windiest day in Lethbridge.
Highlight: “Covert”

An Ant and An Atom – Entropy

Cosmic drone to ponder your impeding doom.

Betterhalf – Cute Doom EP

An alternative beat that brings you back to the ’90s.
Highlight: “said + done”

Brenna Lowrie – Hungry Ghost

Mystical psychedelic folk.
Highlight: “Hungry Ghost”

Ryland Moranz – Hello New Old World

Acoustic singer-songwriter with a heart of gold.
Highlight: “Rocket”

Postnamers – Cellphone Demos

Haunted electronic, echoing in your skull.
Highlight: “Femme Days”

Mc Soprano – Late Nights

High quality hip hop vibes.
Highlight: “No Sleep”

The Silkstones – Her

Lovely indie rock.
Highlight: “Sailing”

Sparkleblood – “The World Is Run By Sexist Men”

Pop punk to smash the patriarchy.

Wint – Wint

Lofi minimalist noise magic. Listen to all four tracks, together they create a complete piece.

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