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Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

By Austin Taylor With cannabis legalization comfortably settling in and new or previously undercover herb enthusiasts coming out of the…


Allan Rayman – Hotel Allan

Friday 09th, December 2016 / 17:24
By Paul Rodgers

Universal Music

Beginning with a mournful, self-addressed lament, Toronto’s Allan Rayman has finally released his debut LP. A great deal of mystery surrounds this singer/songwriter. He shies away from press, and his releases seem to emerge from a great enigmatic fog. However, once heard, they sink deep within a very profound part of the lucky listener’s very being.

He has a distinct vocal style that is hard to forget. Tastefully subdued and layered in emotion, characteristic of a southern bluesman, his voice projects heartfelt, soulful lyrics borne by mesmerizing melodies and rhythms.

He brought back some of his previous singles like the incredible “Lucy The Tease,” a song that will instantly get you hooked on Rayman’s sound. “Tennessee” is also found here, combining a serene depth of melancholy lyricism and surprisingly fresh hip-hop percussion and sampling.

This full length also features many new songs, and really showcases this man’s range. A funk groove kicks off “Beverly,” before being joined shortly down the road by some ethereal guitar plucking, only to be bombarded by a juicy bassline and Rayman’s signature crooning.

A release that certainly merits multiple listens, but you will find that goes without saying once you hear it.