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Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

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German house producer Tensnake won’t stop changing despite all odds

Friday 09th, December 2016 / 11:17
By Hollie McGowan

Traversing genres is just one aspect of Marco Niemerski’s evolution as an artist.

VANCOUVER — “Sorry for postponing [our interview], it was a little bit complicated,” apologizes Marco Niemerski a.k.a. Tensnake over Skype from the road during his latest North American tour. “I am moving house as well, half in Berlin and half in Los Angeles.”

For Niemerski, life is about to take on new shapes in both his personal and artistic endeavours yet again. Between settling into a new place with his partner to looking towards new approaches to making music in the studio, 2017 is already shaping up to be all about forging new paths and entering new territories.

Since the birth of Tensnake, Niemerski has been making music within the bounds of the genres, which inspired him in the first place. His well-rooted love of disco, pop and house music over the years has helped him generate smash hits and collaborations with legends such as Nile Rogers, and contemporary artists like Fiora alike. Now, however, the time has come for Niemerski to take his music even further.

“I’m definitely thinking about a new album,” he says. “But it will be very different compared to the last one] because I like [to go in] many directions. I don’t want to limit myself in terms of being creative in the studio. In the past, I did some remixes which were more appealing to the indie crowd then I made more four-to-the-floor, pure house music. Glow may have caught some people off guard and confused others, but it also reached different people.”

After releasing music that hinged on the contemporary side of pop and R&B, Niemerski has been making a comeback to his original disco influenced style. With fresh ideas and inspiration in the air, a new album is just over the horizon. “Now I’d like to explore more of the instrumental, less pop-structured songs and be a little more experimental in the overall sound. I would also like to approach production in a different way by using gear I haven’t used before or to maybe by [making] a few tracks without a computer,” he says with excitement. “Maybe [the next album will be] something that can be played live in clubs or festivals.”

Exploring different genres in the evolution of Tensnake has also peaked the interests of others with side projects beginning to take shape in Niemerski’s future. “I can’t say too much about it,” he mentions with a laugh. “But yes, I have started working on a new thing. It’s very ‘80s-related, very pop, and it will come out in the New Year.”

With so many different directions, one begins to question whether they should begin creating different aliases as so many artists do. Yet for the time being, Niemerski is content knowing that Tensnake is increasingly becoming more indefinable. “I like being the artist who does many things. I understand that if you change your sound too often you can become hard to follow. But at the same time, everything is possible.”

Tensnake performs at Habitat Living Sound (Calgary) December 9 and Celebrities (Vancouver) December 10.

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