Monomyth – Happy Pop Family

Friday 09th, December 2016 / 17:45
By Jackie Klapak

Mint Records

With lazy, skate park guitars, much like that of bands like Heaven for Real and Walrus, and a relaxed power pop sound like Nap Eyes, Happy Pop Family, Monomyth’s new 11-track album, is the perfect listen for a warm Sunday afternoon. The Halifax four-piece plays with hallowed sounds and guitar-monies, reminiscent of bands like Television, that mesmerize you without you even being aware of it. With garage-y, indie pop hooks, the lazy beach day vibe of Monomyth gives each chorus of these songs a catchy element you’ll find yourself humming throughout the day. Their drowsy vocals and lyrics, seemingly inspired by early ‘90s grunge, alongside psychedelic, jangly instrumentals hold something for fans of various sub-genres.

Despite being consistently compared to Halifax legends Sloan, I myself find nothing in common with the two acts. While both bands are great, Monomyth brings a calm vibe and an I-don’t-care attitude in their sound that will connect with the new generation of slacker youth. Overall, the album is a soft sludge piece of art representative of the common human.