What’s past is prologue for Homemade Weapons

Monday 12th, December 2016 / 13:03
By Kevin Bailey

Homemade Weapons mines the history of drum and bass to elevate its finest qualities.
Photo: Courtesy of Surefire Productions

CALGARY — For Seattle’s Andre Delgado a.k.a. Homemade Weapons, there has to be a certain satisfaction in the value of patience and persistence. Having been involved in the drum and bass scene in varying capacities for over two decades, and seeing the evolution from its inception to its current state, he has enjoyed a banner year in 2016. From putting out successful releases on his own new label, Weaponry, to having his tunes played on BBC Radio One by a legend like DJ Friction, Delgado is finally tasting the success he has long built towards.

His personal approach seamlessly bridges the gap between the old and new. Whether someone is perusing his productions or checking one of his mixes, there is a consistency to the clean, technical darkness that D’n’B purists love.

Delgado’s sound is heavily percussive but precise, with no wasted space or exaggeration in what he puts forth. This is made all the more impressive because stylistically, he will swing back and forth between the more subdued halfstep style that is currently surging in the genre and the comparatively chaotic jungle style where it found its roots.

Delgado is perfectly aware of this complementary merging of the old and the new.

“My focus as both a DJ and producer is to elaborate on my favourite elements of the genre from over the years,” Delgado says. “The stuff I write is a reflection of what I wish I could’ve made 15 years ago when I lacked what I now know.”

His musical journey within the scene started back in the early ‘90s in Baltimore. “All of my favourite memories took place there,” he says. “What I make now is heavily rooted in those experiences.”

He continued DJing after his move to the Pacific Northwest back in 2000, but he wouldn’t begin seriously producing for almost another decade:

“I’d occasionally open up Acid Pro time and again and make an angry amen tune and send it around on AIM. It wasn’t until I got a copy of Logic in 2009 that I slowly got back into it.”

He has been on a steady rise since then, putting out releases with the impressive roster at Samurai Music or with the previously mentioned Weaponry label that he runs.

Though his releases interestingly still get labeled as future D’n’B by some sources, Delgado’s own view is that the genre is secure without the need to be forward-facing:

“I don’t think the genre has anything to prove at this point or that it needs to change to stay relevant. Having stood the test of time like rap, metal, or anything else, sub genres will continue to emerge that will redefine going forward. The core of it will only get stronger.”

Catch Homemade Weapons at the Habitat on December 22. The event will be live streamed online courtesy of Subwave TV.

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